07 Ghost

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Status Completed
Type Japanese

Alternative Titles

セブンゴースト, 神幻拍挡07, 07 ghost, 7-Ghost, Sebun Gousuto, Seven Ghost, الأشباح السبعة, 七鬼神, Siete Fantasmas, 07-Fantasmas, 07-Ghost


Set in a Gothic fantasy world, this is the story of Teito Klein, an orphaned slave who becomes top military academy student. However, an unexpected turn of events left him pursued by the forces of the Barsburg Empire, because of his exceptional ability to use a form of magic called Zaiphon. Now an escaping convict, Teito's sheltered by the church in District 7.Because of the 7th District's law of sanctuary, as long as Teito stays in the church, the army cannot arrest him. Here, he discovered many mysteries surrounding himself, the church, and the Empire itself. The fact that he might be connected to a dethroned king and the mystical stone of god, 'The Eye of Mikhael' made him the target of the empire more than ever.

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