Ad Astra - Scipio to Hannibal

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Ad Astra - Scipio to Hannibal
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アド・アストラ スキピオとハンニバル; Ad Astra; Ad Astra - Scipio and Hannibal; Ad Astra - Scipion l’Africain & Hannibal Barca
Action Adventure Historical Seinen
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  • This is the story of two of the greatest military commanders in history: the Roman Publius Cornelius Scipio and the Carthaginian Hannibal. The story follows the two of them from their early life on. Hannibal is initially shown as a strangely silent infant, who seemed like the gods forgot to put a soul in his little body. However, he soon begins to speak in a way that shows his remarkable abilities. Hannibal and Scipio are driven enemies, and their struggle shaped an era.
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  • jupz 9 Months, 23 Hours ago

    Is it just me or Scipio looks like keanu reeves??

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  • Elrad135

    Elrad135 10 Months, 3 Days ago

    This is a good read, but it would be even better if they could properly understand roman names…
    Like scipio Afrikanus… Afrikanus is a title, not his name, and he certainly didn’t have it at the start of the story. Scipio is his family name, not his first name.
    Just like Julius Augustus Caesar, Julius is the family name, Augustus his actual name, and Caesar a title.

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  • anon 1 Year, 2 Weeks ago

    chapter 32 is out

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  • AnonymousSamurai

    AnonymousSamurai 4 Years, 4 Days ago

    Jeze, I haven’t re-read a series in ages… This Mangaka… is just a genius!


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  • AnonymousSamurai

    AnonymousSamurai 4 Years, 4 Days ago

    G… good grief! With Kingdom, you get the Warring States period, with Sengoku series, you get the Sengoku period, and now, with Ad Astra, we get a chronicle of the clash between Hannibal and Scipio Africanus in their historic clash.

    Kingdom is the Chinese ancient warfare we crave.
    Sengoku is the Japanese warfare we crave.
    Now, Ad Astra provides us with the long sought after Roman warfare we crave!

    An absolute gem that keeps you at the seat while you enjoy rich and historic warfare that we war lovers have come to enjoy.

    I happily give this marval a [9.5/10] and greatly look forward to what is to come!


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