Battle Angel Alita Last Order

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Status Ongoing
Type Japanese

Alternative Titles

GUNNM: Last Order, Боевой Ангел Алита, 銃夢: Last Order, 铳梦 Last Order, BAA LO, Battle Angel Alita - Last Order, Battle Angel Alita: Last Order, Battle


After being killed by the doll-bomb Alita is resurrected by Nova and given an even more powerful body. Then she finds herself in a devastated Tiphares, where a battle between Tiphareans with brain-chips and those without is raging. At the same time as the automatic security systems goes on a rampage killing anything that moves. Set in an alternate future where Alita is reconsturcted by Desty Nova Alita is Lost in a future she does not Understand. For Alita everyone she loves is gone or have moved on. Alita starts on a quest to find Lou Alita starts on a journey That will change her future and make her come face to face with her past.

Artist N/A
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