Battle Through The Heavens: Return Of The Beasts

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Battle Through The Heavens: Return Of The Beasts
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Fights Break Sphere – Return of The Beasts Cang Wan Bang Zhi Wan Shou Gui Yuan Return of the Thousand Beasts Wan Shou Gui Yuan 万兽归源 苍穹榜之万兽归源
Action Adventure Fantasy Tragedy
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  • The demonic race from outer territories have invaded The Great Thousand Worlds once again, The Ruler Mu Chen, Martial arts godfather Lin Dong, Flame emperor Xiao Yan and other strong ones fight to the death in order to protect billions of lives.

    While also at this time, Godly Beast continent is shrouded in the shadow of war. Ministers plotting for power while the Ape King was assassinated. The youngster Lu Zhun that wandered for three years has returned to Dong Chuan, the territory of the Ape race.

    Lu Zhun, a member of the Ape race, will he be able to uncover the truth behind his father’s death, can he seize the throne that's rightfully his? Can he become the True Emperor of the Godly beast race!?

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