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Blood and Steel

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Status Ongoing
Type Chinese

Alternative Titles

武道狂之詩, Sangre Y Acero, Sangre-y-Acero, Wu Dao Kuang Zhi Shi


The story begins with an eradication of Qing-cheng by a group of martial art fanatic from Wudong, whose master and disciples only has one belief – to become the strongest in the world. In order to maintain their supremacy, they take over all the other martial arts group and kill those refuse to yield themselves to them.Yan Heng, a young swordman in Qing-cheng, was saved by ‘Wudang Hunter' Jing Lie, who also lost his fellows because of Wudong. Being the only remnant of their groups, the two allied and start their journey of revenge.

Artist N/A
Views 870,942
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