Blood Rain

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Blood Rain
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ブラッド レイン
Action Drama Horror Mystery Seinen
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  • A group of scattered people who were friends in high school start getting killed one by one, and danger soon follows the heroine, Aihara Kumi, as she starts suspecting that one of them could be the murderer.

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  • i♥MerakiScans 1 Year, 1 Week ago

    If you guys want faster releases for Blood Rain + Tong, check out the and support them!

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  • Revata 1 Year, 4 Weeks ago

    I don’t speak or read korean, but I found this site : I think you can find chapter 38 here. Also translator didn’t give out his email, only at the end of chapter 40 he left this url : (try this if other won’t work So for the love of god someone contact him so he can get chapter 38 translated. If he can’t find it there I’ll search through other means of finding that raw. SOMEONE PLEASE

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  • M 1 Year, 1 Month ago

    Thanks for doing this and here are the other chapters plus 38

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  • Unknown one 1 Year, 1 Month ago

    Day is made. This was translated.

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  • Speedy 1 Year, 3 Months ago

    Please READ MANGA TODAY team pick up this series and tong as well

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    • Speedy 1 Year, 4 Weeks ago

      Thank you so much!

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  • dubz 2 Years, 1 Week ago

    mistake with chapter 16, what’s the name of that though?

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    • Non 2 Years, 1 Week ago

      it was legendary moonlight sculptor in chapter 16

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  • Harzalk 2 Years, 1 Month ago

    Kang Hyukk!!!

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    • jayalexander1991

      jayalexander1991 2 Years, 1 Month ago

      Right? I decided to read this even if it might spoil Tong for me, but I just do not have the strength of will to wait for that to finish before I saw what Kang Hyuk was up to lol.

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  • jayalexander1991

    jayalexander1991 2 Years, 1 Month ago

    The information for this comic is wrong, it is for a similarly named manga called “Blood Rain” autcensoredd by Murao Mio but the author of this one is Meen and the artist is Baek Seung Hoon.

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