Boku wa, Onnanoko

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Status Ongoing
Type Japanese

Alternative Titles

ぼくは、おんなのこ; Boku wa, Onna no ko; Boy's Daughter; He said "I'm a girl"; Let's go to the Paradise; Rakuen ni Ikou; Shounen no Musume; Sweet 16


Collection of short stories:

• He said "I'm a girl"

• Rakuen ni Ikou (Let's go to the Paradise)

• Shounen no Musume (Boy's Daughter)

• The Theme of Akemi ver. Teruo

• The Theme of Akemi ver. Yoshio

• The Theme of Akemi ver. Haruo

• The Flower

Contains the Transient Son character Yuki.

• Sweet 16

A short, bittersweet story in which a girl realizes she's in love with her tutor, who's in love with someone else. The other main plot point is the main character's dread of the upcoming school marathon.

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