Cave In

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A one-shot compilation with themes of suffering, crime, and betrayal, incorporating elements from gekiga.- **Cave In**: A young man gets to the bottom of a mining incident from 20 years ago that isn't what it seems.- **The Flowers and the Ruffians**: Ken is sent to a cabin that houses other vicious men in the barren north. His goal? Plant seeds, and have them flower on the land, no matter what.- **Decisive Battle at Cannibal's Cape**: A team of soldiers is weary from long battle on an island. Some are willing to go to great extremes - even if it means some may be expendable...- **The Ghost of the Jet Base**: Detective Hazama is called to investigate paranormal activity at an air base, but finds himself wrapped up in more than he bargained for.- **Fire Valley**- **Tatsumaki Voyage Log**- **Wings and Stardust**---**Volume 319 of the Osamu Tezuka Complete Works**

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