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Dream Of A Sweet Rain

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Type Japanese

Alternative Titles


Dream of a Sweet Rain mangaDanyoung, the only doctor of the Sanwoon-dang, is tasked to treat Baek-gyeom, the weapon of the Spirits who might be her father's enemy. But the herb used for his treatment has the side effect of stimulating his lu**!"Whatever I do, it's difficult to lower my constantly rising temperature.""and so?""Hold me.""Pardon?"Baek-gyeom's eyes rolled as his speech slurred, not hiding his absurdity. He cast a shadow when he hovered his body over Danyoung's. His long arms snaked around her waist. A weary smile appeared on Baek-gyeom's lips when Danyoung's breath hitched as she grabbed his arm."You cannot refuse me, of course." /

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