God of Martial Arts

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God of Martial Arts
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Action Adventure Martial Arts Seinen
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  • In this world, respect is earned with martial arts. Weak martial artists have strengths of tens of thousands of pounds, capable of cracking boulders. And the strong ones can cut off rivers and split mountains. There are even martial kings who know everything and can travel across the universe. Martial art decides your fate as well as your life and death. The weak is humiliated while the strong looks down on the world. This is a a world where the strong bullies the weak. People's statuses are decided by the levels of their cultivation of martial arts. Each faction fights for the title of "The Strongest". Only the strong ones have the right to survive. Even if you are from the same clan or faction, if you are weak, then you will be bullied and kicked out without mercy.

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  • OohKorean

    OohKorean 5 Hours, 12 Minutes ago

    veri noiz me like :D

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  • FraVit93 5 Hours, 58 Minutes ago

    Fellow sect “brothers”, you’ll reap what you sow.

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  • BardockTheJoker 6 Hours, 44 Minutes ago

    THIS IS TOO GOOD , idk about others opinion but this is TOOO GOOD!!!

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  • EVENYUGIOHISBETTER 7 Hours, 33 Minutes ago

    This manga is a load of crap, how can people read such a censoredty repetitive with bad arts. Scans are no longer the same as before, what the censored is This top 4 with the same censored going on, are we reading a story or a censoreding MMORPG based of boring griding. HOW COULD YOU READ THIS ? WHERE ARE THE GOOD SCANS? EVEN this trash fairy tale is even better.

    IF YOU KEEP READING THIS, the content won’t change on this site. AND SCANS WILL SLOWLY DIE because of this censoredty hype of 10Y OLD RAGNAROK FAN

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  • Cyborg999 10 Hours, 46 Minutes ago

    what am i going to do with my life now? Every morning, i checks goma 4 chapters.

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  • uhateme 11 Hours ago

    caught up with raws?

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    • barakuda23

      barakuda23 9 Hours, 59 Minutes ago

      not yet, a little bit more :((

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  • DreadRui 11 Hours, 3 Minutes ago

    Waiting for apotheosis

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  • anon V 11 Hours, 18 Minutes ago

    I read both manhua and LN up to chapter 303, and idk why so much drama here.
    The LN is just any other, OP MC, clichè harem with each girl more beautiful than the previous, and a dragon ball like fast cycle where the MC rushes to lv X to get his revenge, then it instantly becomes obsolete, needs lv Y, rinse and repeat. Is poorly written and the chars are shallow as a puddle, but is enjoyable as a free reading.

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  • xxTentacles 15 Hours, 56 Minutes ago

    The reason why this is rated so high on Chinese sites is because they don’t have a particularly high standard…

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  • Samwell 15 Hours, 58 Minutes ago

    A lot of people who read this don’t actually enjoy it, and that’s fine. I mean, is it not fine to criticize this manhua??? The main reason I think that people who don’t like it keep reading is because there isn’t a whole lot of text to read, and it takes under 2 minutes to read a chapter so it doesn’t really take a lot of time out of the day. It’s the same reason I keep up to date with trashy webnovels: it doesn’t take a lot of time and I’ve read far enough that I don’t want to drop it.

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  • GodMode001X 1 Day, 6 Hours ago

    Funny how the people bashing this manhua keep coming back, why don’t they just leave this manhua if they dislike it so much? Also, most of the people on the other sites all give it a good rating, while this one is the only exception. Even the original sites, manhuatai.com and ac.qq.com have pretty darn good ratings on them. Sigh, the haters saying that most of the people hate this manhua is practically untrue. Statistically, even if you add this site to the averaged site rating of this manhua, it’ll still be above 4/5 stars.

    Reply 206 2

    • TBlakely 1 Day, 1 Minute ago

      A lot of people like simple, unsophisticated fare.  Others like a bit more complexity.  This manga is about as simple and unsophisticated as you can get.  It’s the gold standard of mediocrity and I admit that I read every chapter.

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  • Hungry king 1 Day, 9 Hours ago

    Thank you so much for the update , I hope I can read more ,I like the feel when reading this lol. Im like ,Lin feng just killed them all lol

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  • syedshareef

    syedshareef 2 Days, 1 Hour ago

    what is website for noval

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    • Killing for pride 1 Day, 20 Hours ago

      Site for novel:

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    • verasfge 1 Day, 18 Hours ago


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    • Edward 1 Day, 15 Hours ago



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  • fing losers 2 Days, 4 Hours ago

    link for allens site? huh otakus?

    Reply 2 1

    • ignorant fool 1 Day, 20 Hours ago

      Right, why don’t you go back and actually take the TIME to LOOK at the last page of each chapter, if you have read up to the latest chapter you have read over 100 total chapters(if you don’t understand this you should stop talking) and have still yet to notice allen’s site. Ignorance is bliss pal.

      6 2

  • uriendemonav 2 Days, 14 Hours ago

    go read the novel then go back here and read the manga. that way you can see the depth of the story by reading the novel and have visual understanding by seeing the manga. there should be a foot note by allen on what novel number represents the manga version.

    Reply 62 6

    • xerxes 2 Days, 9 Hours ago

      -> Depth
      -> One of the worst rated Chinese novels on Novel Updates
      Choose one.

      2 3

    • blue 1 Day, 17 Hours ago

      Sorry but… what depth ?
      It’s fking repetative contest of humilitating, being arrogant, losing faces or something like that. Description of advencemed in cultivation is hillarious and not balanced. Patriarcht of Yun Hai Sect and they protectors was respected by Xue Yue country but in third layer of Xuan Qi level Lin Feng is stronger than the previous sect patriarch and on that time first prince is seven xuan qi layer as predicet or even much stronger and much more ! King is even stronger ! So… why they would even regart Yun Hai Sect as equal or just respecting them ? Novel is full of holes that is so evident ! If I want to describe manhua then I would say that is it much worser than light novel and if I want to describe light novel i would say that it had great potential and nice backstory but the writing and execution on the idea is hillarious and so bad that reading it is losing face for readers :/

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  • Irputz 2 Days, 17 Hours ago

    In a world, with so much trash that even WALL-E couldn’t help clean. One waste collector, from another universe is summoned, for one epic cleaning. Can Lin Feng, survive in such a dump or will he get taken to the curb? Watch as he recycles through fodder over and over. Lin Feng is the GARBAGE MAN!

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  • Iris 2 Days, 18 Hours ago

    Came by to see the hype and I must say this series is pretty bad. I am guessing it is the translations speed that is making people so interested and talking about it. But I must say, the opinions are incredibly varied. See a ton of hate for it(rightfully so), but also some hardcore fanboys already. Very odd. I am guessing this series will fall off once it hits the raws. I dont see how it would even be possible to read this on a weekly basis. That’s just me though. Don’t rage me because I have a different opinion and dislike something you like please. We all have our own tastes. I am not trying to offend anyone, just using the comment section for what is was made for… To comment my feelings on this series. Cheers

    Reply 11 10

    • Khoimu

      Khoimu 2 Days, 9 Hours ago

      @iris i know we all have our own opinion and that this series is famous because of its fast release 3+ chapter everyday but we all have an option to read or not to read .. if u don’t like it don’t read it
      I like it so i am reading .. it is sure that this series rating might drop down because its only 9 pages and one week but its the same as star martial god technique where only 9 pages .. but if we get 3 chapter everyday then its a boon for us were exited and keep checking the site coz an update is expected and that whats count the most we want to read everyday no one wants to wait a full week or a full month to just get 1 chapter

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    • IMeanComeOn 2 Days, 7 Hours ago

      Calls anybody who likes it “hard core fanboys” yet says anyone who hates it is “right”. Huh, weird because I’m pretty sure neither extreme can be considered better than the other. Oh sorry, that’s just because you are letting your bias through, almost like a…fanboy, but the opposite?
      From this day on then, I shall claim anybody who hates something to be a “hard core hateboy” and dismiss anything they say based on the fact that they are a hateboy. In other words, it may be your opinion but you are just a hateboy who is here to bash this series biasedly, therefor you are wrong.  You…you starting to see how you can’t just do that?
      Anyway, here’s the thing. You haven’t payed a single penny for this. Not anything has been lost from you reading. In fact, it takes like…less than a minute to read a chapter, so literally nothing has been lost from reading it. That is why your opinion means jack. The people who like it have gained something, the people who haven’t don’t lose anything and have just leached off of somebody else and therefor don’t get the right to complain

      35 0

    • blue 1 Day, 17 Hours ago

      @Iris It is bad. Very bad.
      @IMeanComeOn just like hateboy but opposite. It means hateboy for someone who likes it ? Oh… it means that personal opinion based by reading the whole thing possible for now is being hateboy for opposite site? From other side you just accused him being hateboy without any relations to manhua. Who is wrong who is right ?! Just assuming that he don’t pay for translating means that he can’t point how bad it is ?!
      Someone just lost face because of you, you are to arrogant and hateful! I demand dual to the death !
      About the extreme… so i must tell you that this whole novel and manhua is based on extremes ! So, uhh, if neither of extremes is bad or good then something between them is hmmm… blunt ? It’s a good word. This whole thing is blunt.

      0 3

    • TryThatAgain 1 Day, 1 Hour ago

      Try that again, but in understandable English. Honestly, if you aren’t good enough at English to make a comprehensible paragraph, don’t bother.

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  • alien 2 Days, 19 Hours ago

    Oh no, our sect’s disciple is too talented, we must kill him! Then our sect will truly become great.

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  • UroBoroS

    UroBoroS 2 Days, 22 Hours ago


    Reply 6 1

  • bobo 3 Days, 24 Minutes ago

    whats allens site link anyone?

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    • Khoimu 2 Days, 17 Hours ago

      This type of people should just go die .. we get to read about 3+ chapters of a godamn good manga and doesn’t even read the translator comment.. i know u guys don’t pay to help translator or the manhua artist.. damn FREELOADER AT LEAST THE ONE THING YOU COULD DO IS READ THE TRANSLATOR COMMENTS

      2 2

  • nope 3 Days, 3 Hours ago

    what allens site? link anyone

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    • kimchii 2 Days, 23 Hours ago

      For the people who keep commenting, “what’s Allen’s site link?” blah blah, you must be joking right?  You read the manga but skip over the scanlator comment pages because it’s clearly not important enough.

      4 2

    • battle 2 Days, 22 Hours ago

      There seems to be 2 people who don’t read the all important : INTERESTING FACT OF THE DAY page at the end.  Allen’s site is written on the last page.

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    • Khoimu

      Khoimu 2 Days, 17 Hours ago

      This little shit

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  • Zoro

    Zoro 3 Days, 5 Hours ago

    Guys i already have ridden all of the old uploaded manhuas about Ki and cultivation. Please give me names of new ones

    Reply 0 0

    • blue 1 Day, 17 Hours ago

      Desolate Era,  Tales of Demons and Gods, Wu Dong Qian Kun, Xian Ni, Star Martial God Technique, Zui Wu Dao ( ended to early with hope of continuation, tiny but present), Transcending the nine heavens, battle through the heavens, I shall seal the heavens, Coiling Dragon ( Panlong) and much more which I forget or don’t know .

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  • NobelSavage 3 Days, 7 Hours ago

    Good job on updating this

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  • vendi 3 Days, 8 Hours ago

    I always wait this manga, Because update everiday

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  • kurasul 3 Days, 8 Hours ago

    thx for the chap , forever good quality and impatient to see the next chapter

    Reply 4 1

  • JB 3 Days, 8 Hours ago

    I really love this mangga , and als thanks to allen for updating very fast

    Reply 6 1

  • Some D00d 3 Days, 11 Hours ago

    1/2 the people reading give this a bad review but here’s the thing. this manga gets straight to the point. there is no 100 chapter training scene ( although there is like 20 days training panel). The author/translators whip out chapters so fast and its intense on how people then and people now treat one another with a superiority complex and with MC putting people in their place especially with people bullying others with their “strength”, the climbing of MC and how he influences others is really nice. as “cliche” as others may put it, the underdog story, grievances, consequences, is what most chinese/korean manga/manhwas teach, a lesson

    Reply 37 1

  • bobbyB 3 Days, 12 Hours ago

    I agree with the instant gratification in the comment below, but the thing about these kinds of trash cultivation stories is that even though he slaps the crap out of arrogant young masters, he himself is always going to be seen as trash. There are only so many young masters a sane person can handle reading.

    Reply 16 1

  • Ian tomulto 3 Days, 14 Hours ago

    Good job on updating this manhua…

    Reply 10 1

  • emp

    emp 3 Days, 14 Hours ago

    Next chapter is out on allens site

    Reply 5 2

  • fact77

    fact77 3 Days, 14 Hours ago

    WTH !! 8k ads !?

    Reply 2 0

  • somone 3 Days, 15 Hours ago

    man the updates happen so often which makes me lie this manga keep it up :)

    Reply 5 1

  • Correct 3 Days, 16 Hours ago

    there’s one guy or a small group of people that keeps upvoting this manhua over and over! won’t the admins intervene?

    Reply 35 6

    • Incorrect 3 Days, 6 Hours ago

      Well, same can be applied to those who downvote this manhua, don’t you think?

      52 2

  • o.o 3 Days, 22 Hours ago

    Is this guy a machine or he dose not sleep at all what is up with the speed of updates.

    Reply 15 8

  • 9TFox

    9TFox 3 Days, 23 Hours ago

    Well with all that slaying of beast and blood flying everywhere wouldn’t his white uniform be drenched or soaked in blood…hahahaha

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  • LETSFINDRAWS 4 Days, 3 Hours ago

    someone know where i can find de raws ?

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    • indianknight 3 Days, 14 Hours ago

      nxt chap is gonna mind blowing. here is the conti http://www.2animx.com/index-look-name-絕世武神-cid-24576-id-297364

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  • Tally

    Tally 4 Days, 12 Hours ago

    The constant updates make reading this quite enjoyable. Thanks for the hard work.

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  • ItAintGoodButItsBearable 4 Days, 13 Hours ago

    Okay, so this seems to be a very controversial series, mainly in there are only 2 sides to this - the people who like it, and those who despise its very existence and wish horrible death upon any of the plebeians who like it. There’s no middle ground.

    Anyway, im gonna throw my 2 cents into the equation. This story IS bad, lets be honest. There is no character development, its the same thing repeated over and over, the character does get stronger for no reason. Okay, now I have the attention of both sides.
    So, why do people keep reading it? That’s simple. There is on thing this series does, only one thing, and it does it pretty darn well, and that’s instant gratification.
    Think about it for a second. How long does it take to read a chapter? Unless you are on a device that takes 12 years to load a page, or English is your ninth language, it should only take a minute at most because there’s very little dialogue.
    In that minute, 2 minute period though, what we see is a character we all know is strong. We see an arrogant character designed to be dislikeable laugh at that character, then we see that arrogant character get beaten. We see a strong character who’s generally an asshole who the MC can’t beat? We know its not gonna be another 50 chapters before he gets killed, its gonna be 10 at most after he gets a few power ups. And thats great. Taking 2 or 3 minutes out of your life to see what most other series take months to do is what this series does best, and that is what most people like.

    Now, the question is- why do people like it? Right, I saw somebody use hero academia, something I consider to be typical shounen trash but whatever, as an example of a good series so lets use that. Whats the formula for that series? Simple. Main character is weak. Stronger villain is introduce. Stronger villain does some real evil censored so we now hate that character. Main characters can’t beat villain, who continues to do evil censored so we hate him more. Then we get 30 chapters of “friendship power” training, just to then barely beat the villain using friendship (or edgelord) power. This is the formula for MANY series and lets be real here. Who actually cares about the 30 chapters inbetween? The only thing people care about is the “eureka” moments the characters have where they suddenly realise how to get stronger, and the rest is just character development stretched over too many chapters with too much cliched nonsense. Yet, it can still be interesting because you want to see what comes next.
    This series just jumps to the fun bit, and gives you that 5 minutes of “eureka” moments and power ups before moving on, and that is what people like. It is the McDonalds of manhua and not gonna lie, I don’t need high quality beef (character development), hand baked bread (story development) and gourmet source (all the other filler) in my Big mac.

    Reply 30 3

    • AJDOH

      AJDOH 4 Days, 7 Hours ago

      very well said. The story isn’t great, but it’s not important in a manhua like this. I just want to see asshats get pwned and some kind of romance.

      12 0

    • thereallog 4 Days, 7 Hours ago

      i agree but you failed to mention 1 thing that has actually made me wanna read more .....the
      freaking lightning speed translator and his own touch in the series :P

      9 0

    • sweolk

      sweolk 4 Days, 6 Hours ago

      A guy who gets it, +1.

      5 0

    • ReadTheLN4Enlightenment 4 Days, 6 Hours ago

      I agree that this manhwa is really faced paced and it made it look like the MC just keeps getting power up again and again for no reason. However, this is not what actually happens in the original LN and I am kind of disappointed that so many things were skipped over. I do recommend people to read the original LN because it is a good read.

      4 0

    • TheOneWhoSighs 3 Days, 17 Hours ago

      “Right, I saw somebody use hero academia, something I consider to be typical shounen trash”

      The only way to call Hero Academia “typical shounen trash” is to call anything short of FLCL, Cowboy Bebop, or Kill la Kill “trash”.

      Hero Academia doesn’t use “friendship” power ups. It bridges the gap in power between the “stronger villain” in a believable way by bringing in other characters & explaining why those characters would be there.

      Anyone that has actually read the arc with Stain in it can tell it’s not “friendship power ups”, and it’s not powers coming out of no where. Everything is either heavily foreshadowed, or explained in a very reasonable way.

      Such as when Todoroki helps Deku in the Stain fight.

      There are many more examples I could pull out, but I doubt you’ll actually go back and critically read the story so whatever.

      0 0

    • Antiques, Art & Collectables 3 Days, 14 Hours ago

      yeah the LN has so much more detail then the manhua honestly after I caught up with the LN and saw this I just read it so I can find out what the characters would look like

      0 0

    • LeDore 3 Days, 7 Hours ago

      You absolutely can do a classic powerup manhua without the long training/ betterment phases, with minimal exposition and development phases. And it can be good.

      But, it’s actually harder to make a decent minimalist manhua than a decent classic one. Since you have almost no space for development, exposition and dialogues, you need the few dialogues to be extremely well polished and credible. And ideally, the action to show quite clearly the characters orientation ... Other stuff than the action itself.

      In this manhua, the dialogues look like 8 y olds cursing at each others, all the characters are more or less the same, and the action doesn’t show anything beside itself.

      But whatever, it updates quickly, is a fast read and you can’t really get lost in the story so I’ll continue reading it.

      0 0

  • :) 4 Days, 14 Hours ago

    peerless martial god

    Reply 0 0

  • nnnnnnnn 4 Days, 14 Hours ago

    If you hate the story so much and want to say crap about it then why do you keep coming back for the updates? Nobody is asking you to read it but you choose to. Stop hating and appreciate the hard that is being put into this!!

    Reply 30 1

    • TheOneWhoSighs 4 Days, 13 Hours ago

      Because I’m bored and it’s there.

      Is there really any other reason?

      I also like how self-aware the series is. When the MC asks “Has he cultivated so much he’s suffered brain damage?”, all I can do is get a legitimate laugh. Because even the author knows how one dimensional the “villains” are in this series.

      1 4

    • So you are a repeat offender I see 3 Days, 6 Hours ago

      So you just keep coming back and downvote this manhua, is that it? Or are you just only reading it, but inside your heart you dislike it?

      1 0

  • Mike 4 Days, 16 Hours ago

    This series is just bad in my opinion. I dont know why so many people are talking about it. Is it due to the fast releases recently? Do people actually think this is a good series here?

    Reply 1 13

    • explorer32

      explorer32 4 Days, 12 Hours ago

      I respect your opinion that this series doesn’t caught your interest, but to think that this should not be released on this site? You kiddin me? Right? Readmng will not be this popular if it will only release manhua or series that personally like.

      19 0

    • cora000

      cora000 4 Days, 8 Hours ago

      1st you say “This series is just bad in my opinion”, and then you say “I dont know why so many people are talking about it”. are you an idiot? we talk about it cause we don’t think it’s bad. do you luck common sense that much? obviously you do. this is the only site with so many negative comments and so downvoted. even the translator joined the chat to ask why so many dislikes

      1 0

  • emp 4 Days, 19 Hours ago

    holy censored this is about to get good

    Reply 0 0

  • gracy

    gracy 4 Days, 19 Hours ago

    really loved the episode where he survived the disaster.<3

    Reply 1 0

  • didgeridoo

    didgeridoo 4 Days, 22 Hours ago

    Great series, you’re doing a great job, and very fast. nice.

    Reply 0 1

    • cora000

      cora000 4 Days, 8 Hours ago

      the raws are around chapter 40 till now, so enjoy the fast translated chapters for now cause it won’t last for long

      0 0

  • somone 4 Days, 22 Hours ago

    keep the updates comin :)

    Reply 0 0

  • anonamouse 5 Days, 35 Minutes ago

    before anyone comments in 33.2 it’s not a new spirit it’s sort of the ability of his original spirit (he gains access to whatever it eats for lack of a better word power)

    Reply 0 0

  • NobelSavage 5 Days, 7 Hours ago

    Nice want more Thanks alot really liked them want more and really nice job guys thankyou

    Reply 14 1

  • Rebel01 5 Days, 17 Hours ago

    Sorry in my last comment i mixed up “Xue Yue” with “Holy Courtyard” Xue Yue just swap where nessecary and you’ll get what i’m saying

    Reply 0 2

  • TBlakely 5 Days, 18 Hours ago

    So this is courtship these days?

    Reply 1 1

  • Phipho

    Phipho 5 Days, 20 Hours ago

    Thanks A LOT for the translator!!! How may we support him?

    Reply 1 1

  • vivek

    vivek 5 Days, 21 Hours ago

    man this manga is really nice hope new chapters keep coming…..

    Reply 22 1

  • Who are u thanking? 6 Days, 7 Minutes ago

    I’m looking at the comments here and everyone is saying “thanks alot!” which is great, but say it to the guy who is actually translating! As of now when i’m typing this comment RM has 30.1 up, if you go to Allens(the translator) website you can get 32.2 already. Go to Allen’s website if you really want to thank him.

    Reply 18 1

    • TheOneWhoSighs 5 Days, 23 Hours ago

      Also yes. Please go to the translators site. If there’s anything worth crediting here, it’s the translator with his quick work. The website url is always included on the last page of the uploads.

      6 1

  • Passerby 6 Days, 2 Hours ago

    So, I came to a conclusion that only this site has about a 50/50 on the rating scale, while almost all of the other sites have at least 4.3/5 stars as I checked more than 20 sites across the manhua section. I like this manhua, as most others do, so why do some people especially this site, have so many of them disliking it? Any explanation (there have been at least 2000 reviews on the manhua per site that I checked)?

    Reply 69 5

    • TheOneWhoSighs 5 Days, 23 Hours ago

      This site hosts a lot of mangas & manhuas. Many series that are magnitudes better than this, but release slower due to being caught up on the raws.

      As such, the readers are probably quite a bit more opinionated than a site that hosts more limited content.

      For examples of better series: Azumi, Ruler of the Land, Kingdom, Spirit Blade Mountain, Boku no Hero Academia.

      People are bored waiting for their weekly or even monthly releases, read this series, and then go “Wow this is kind of bad”.

      Because it is pretty bad. To give you a hint, this theme of people thinking they’re better than the MC & getting destroyed is the only actual story element in the series.

      It’s not that a recurring theme is bad (The MC of “The Ruler of The Land” gets poisoned various times throughout that series), it’s that the recurring theme in this series IS the story.

      Everyone it snarky and overestimates themselves, and they don’t have a chance to regret it as the MC bodies them.

      9 6

    • cora000

      cora000 5 Days, 8 Hours ago

      they are blind haters. nothing more nothing less. everywhere else most say positive words, and here it’s so downvoted that even the translator questioned it. the blind hate is crystal clear

      45 3

    • adalfus 5 Days, 6 Hours ago

      Because people are unconditionally bias when they want more of something.

      Considering each chapter only has like 10 pages and around 100 words to translate, the translator is able to pop 3-5 chapters a day, thus feeding the appetite of all the mindless zombos giving this “trash” a good rating.

      Once the translator catches up and is unable to pull out so many chapters every day, impatience will set in, and people will starting not giving a shit about calling it what it is: Garbage.

      Such a one dimensional piece of work can only garner so much attention because of the rate it’s being spat out. Once that disappears, so will the attention.

      Just watch.

      7 9

    • TheOneWhoSighs 4 Days, 23 Hours ago

      “Everywhere else, most say positive words”

      To put that into context, again. Compare the placement of this manhua on the site to say, idk, Batoto.

      This manhua is very rarely at the top of the webpage on Batoto, if ever.

      When you come to readmanga, it’s almost always towards the top.

      There is more diverse traffic seeing this manhua on readmanga, than they would another site.

      On top of the fact that the only people who would ever go to the translators website to read this, are those that want to support the translator or those that want to read the series.

      And even then, I’ve read many of the comments on the translators site. Most of the positive comments are towards the translator, not the series.

      0 0

    • gracy

      gracy 4 Days, 17 Hours ago

      To Mr. Adalfus,
      If you have enough free time to trash talk about someone who works to pay their living, while we honestly thank him and are his fans, we appreciate him unlike you that is a Hatter to his hard work, and dont disrepect the hard work of others just because you may have seemed bored with your everyday life. Honestly we couldnt care less about you, but dont disrepect others.
      Treat others how you wish to be treated, you Hater.  °^°

      45 0

  • chaibi sami 6 Days, 7 Hours ago

    Realy thank you for jour hardwork

    Reply 36 1

  • Rebel01 6 Days, 9 Hours ago

    Correction The Original Translation By Insane is “Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue” not Snow Moon Holy Institute. i also, must say that that original Translation Sounds much better and give a better feel of what the Academy is rather than Snow Moon. Remember The Effect of words when translated can change as does Snow Moon it gives of a cold lonley sort of feeling where as Holy Courtyard Sounds Majestic which is what the Author intended it to be as will become obvious in subsequent Chapters.

    Thanks For doing a Great Job though much appreciated.


    Reply 34 2

    • Rebel01 5 Days, 17 Hours ago

      thanks for replying to my comment at the end of the last chapter allenallen about “xue yue” and “holy courtyard” your point does make sense also i understand what they both mean (i read and speak chinese) all i’m saying is Holy Courtyard of “Xue Yue” has a Majestic and domineering feel to it in “English” a Feeling that the author obviously wants to get across by the the way he describes the actions they will take and their behavior (no spoilers)  “Snow Moon” just does not bring that across. it just feels cold which is understandable but it lacks the Majesty, Arrogance and Domineering feel of a Group That Stands above all else which is the goal of the Holy Courtyard to begin with. also whilst academy may be a good alternative it is used for another organization later which can potentially cause some problems. so i say you might as well leave it as as Snow Moon or go with the original Trans. Thanks again man and i’m happy to see you take Readers opinons into Consideration ^_^

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    You déserve a medal for all the releases.

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    Dear autor, we thank you for the hard work you are putting to this manga, despite what all the hatters say and their criticism. We appreciate you working on translating this manga for us, even if you catch up with the raws, we will still follow you and thank you for your hard work.  I hope that others share my feelings of gratitude as well.  ^-^

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    • TheOneWhoSighs 6 Days, 15 Hours ago

      Ah man, those were a great read. Also 29.3 was a great read on the original side allentranslations.

      “Did he cultivate so much he became brain dead?”

      After reading the reviews of the novel, I’m assuming that’s a question we’ll be asking about every “villain” in the series for quite some time.

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    • TBlakely 6 Days, 23 Hours ago

      While this manga is so far deliberately one-dimensional, I’ve not downvoted it and eagerly read each installment.  It’s kinda like watching a train wreck.  I’m curious whether the author is deliberately writing it this way, thus my parody observation earlier, or is this the limit of the author’s ability.

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      You care way too much about “haters”.

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      Keep trying little guy

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      So, may I inquire a better usage of your vocabulary? ;)

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      Okay, by what physical law of the universe are you basing that on, OR are you just basing it on your own personal opinion and bias?
      Im thinking its the latter, and its not “objectively bad” but subjectively bad, but clearly for you to think a piece of media intended for enjoyment could in some way be objectively bad, your brain is too small to comprehend just how wrong you are, so calling you out on this will probably just confuse you.

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    I’m beginning to think that this is a martial arts parody manga.

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    • TBlakely 1 Week, 22 Hours ago

      Insult, fight, kill, insult, fight, kill, insult….. repeat ad infinitum with a dash of cultivation here and there.  Nothing to humanize anybody, pretty much everyone is a major league self-centered @ss.

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    • Some guy 1 Week, 20 Hours ago

      Agree entirely, none of the characters are very compelling. They’re all just a single archetypal character type used to enact a constant stream of vindictive vengeance on the side of the main character. The MC is cool and all (and not nearly as much of annoying moron as the MC in panlong) and watching someone cocky get humbled can be fun but this series has such an excess of it that it’s kind of lost its feeling up to this point. You don’t really even have to read it to know whats going to happen each time be meets anyone being anything besides neutral or completely enamored with him. I kind of wonder if the author isn’t doing a self-insert, because at least in this incarnation, it has a fanfic sort of vibe.

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      Sorry to break it to ya, but that’s not how the publishing of manhua (also manga too) works in this world. They take time and effort to create each and every page, even the popular ones update slowly, and eventually reach only 100 chapters after years since most of them either updates once a week (52-53 chapters per year), or once a month (12 chapters per year). As for this one, a lot of chapters already came out (the raws), and the translator is being a legend by translating them at an insane speed. So eventually, he’ll catch up and we’ll probably have at best 1 chapter per week then, if worse, 1 per month, and if inevitably, he has to take breaks, 1 chapter per several months (Btw, 1 chapter here is equal to 3 parts, so chapter x .1, x .2 and x .3). Hope this helped :D

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  • Zedd 1 Week, 2 Days ago

    I’m pretty sure the novel of this manga is called Peerless martial god. If you search that up you will get the regular version, there are hundreds of chapters.

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    • mo 1 Week, 2 Days ago

      you can read the novel at Wuxiaworld renegade-immortal

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    • mo 1 Week, 2 Days ago

      you can read the novel at Wuxiaworld renegade-immortal

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    Man this Manhua is rly dope even though its stupid from time to time :D
    I dont get the hate this is a simple action manhua, I didnt read the LN so there is no need to compare at all.

    So freaking hillarious how he is still called trash all day long but being super strong lol.
    When trash and dog is not enough, you gotta combine them “You trash dog in 27.1” :D:D

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  • uriendemonav 1 Week, 4 Days ago

    the premise is not original, a typical wuxia story. but we still like it heh!

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    I do enjoy watching him stab a dude in the head.

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    Lemme say this again, for whatever shabby reasons that the people dislike this manhua, I still like it no matter what. Plot, art, clichéd events, all of this does not matter. All it matters is that it is enjoyable and no less than that. :D

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      Seriously? Get over yourself…

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    • GodMode001X 1 Week, 5 Days ago


      I can tell that you are one of the people which dislike this manhua, as to why you are still reading this manhua, beats me. :-|

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    damn. i really fully hate naver’s guts now for cruelly forcing batoto to pull tower of god from their website, when it was mainly due to batoto that tog became popular in the first place.

    naver identified a ‘market’ for translated korean manga only after batoto, frankly. totally cunning and evil of them.

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    • sir hubris 1 Week, 5 Days ago

      you act like business are moral actors, they are not.
      same with its the governments they are not moral actors and are not meant to be moral actors the people in them may have moral compasses but a company or government exist for a reason one to make money and the other to improve the country.

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    • really? 1 Week, 5 Days ago

      really? then why are those genius out there expecting otherwise, these days?

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      anyway, it was also up to the author.

      if its the author’s “privilege” to forget batoto instantly, it is also any rich guy’s “privilege” to wave money around and walk over people.

      this materialistic and sensory-obsessed world is the reason things around us seem to be disorderly and lacking sense.

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    As someone who read a part of the light novel before seeing this manga/manhua, I’m pleasantly surprised with its quality and story progression. Not too much bullcensored or standing around, nope, just skip some of the unimportant details and move on with the main story. It’s also quite bloody and not toned-down for younger fans like some other manga/manhua. The main character is portrayed how I imagine him to be. Cold, calculated but with solid reasoning behind every action.

    TLDR: One of the better manga/manhua adaptions of a light novel I’ve seen thus far.

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  • AuraLucario

    AuraLucario 1 Week, 6 Days ago

    Sometimes readers don’t want too much backstory to a story. I like this manga is just one of the few that gets to the point.

    If I want more backstory or romance or drama, I would read SL, SL2 or BTTH, which i do and I enjoy both. It just gives me more choices and variations.

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    I like to read this manga it’s one at the top 3 which i had ever seen.
    Everybody has to read it first and then decide for yourself !
    Everybody who listen to others without reading it are fools.


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    Cool! I really love this manga.

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    The manga is skipping a few bits from the web novel which makes the story even more brutal and empty than it already is. And why would they change objects from the WN? Changed war drums to bells, made a traditional Chinese sword something from a lvl 1 vagrant in mmo and let’s not mention the symbol on Lin fengs fathers head, that’s supposed to look like a door, not harry potter.

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      Any idea how much they use it?

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    Whosoever disliked this Manga is total crybaby my guess is that either that person is scared of blood and gore or a sissy.
    Be bold enough to say if you hate the manga in comments don’t misguide us
    First I wanted to skip it seeing negative ratings but when I read it. It is awesome
    Really Man

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    • Yassuo 1 Week, 6 Days ago

      well i like this manga cause it’s straight to the fight scene no wasshywashy story that was just kept dragging our interest down.

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    • TheOneWhoSighs 1 Week, 6 Days ago

      Or, and here’s an idea.

      Maybe it gets so many bad ratings, because it has almost no story, and every fight ends in a single blow.

      Leave it to the short arc with him being attacked by multiple assassins for a fight to actually last longer than the dude saying “cut”.
      Even then, he’s still just bodying literally everyone even when they have him in some magical “formation”.

      The MC is a mary sue dude.

      2 1

    • Your Dad 1 Week, 6 Days ago

      Well there is a genre called OP or Over Powered Protagonist
      This manhua belongs to that genre but still Lin has his up’s and down’s as he was also nearly killed. I am also reading the LN parallel to the manhua and it doesn’t have many changes and deviations to the plot like BTTH and TGD
      The rating looks more like someone is pulling their frustration on this manhua

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    New chapter 22.1 out now

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    21.3. I was going to rejoice at how a character finally realized “OH CRAP, THIS GUY ISN’T TRASH!”.

    And then it ruined all that by pulling assassins out of nowhere.

    Are all of these assassins at least soul layer? Otherwise this would make no sense, considering everyone not at the soul layer the MC has fought has lost in a single blow.

    So numbers shouldn’t be THAT effective.

    Idk. It’s just weird seeing a character realize “attacking this guy is suicide” and then suddenly “lets do a ninja assault on the guy at night”.

    I mean, if they’re well informed then they should know he practically beat 2 soul layers at the same time, given he swatted away Lin Qian’s attack like a fart in a tornado.

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  • ed 1 Week, 6 Days ago

    the story is so much better and straight forward than any bullcensored snowflake manga with so much drama like tate no yuusa out there circling and pretend to be dumb that is disgusting to read, keep up with this manhua!

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    I already see the sad pattern there. The arrogant character makes enemy on every occasion or when he dont, enemy appear out of nowhere, then he kicks an ass of that enemy, there literally nothing more to offer.

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    • explorer32

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      Being that said,  I will asume that you have read this novel from the start till the end

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    The story is getting quite interesting at this point, really hope to find out what happens next!

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    Keep Up the Good Work Translating These

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  • ThisGuy 2 Weeks, 3 Hours ago

    I really like the story and its pace but god damnit everyone seems really dumb or an asshole. Calling Lin Feng trash all the time after he already showed his strengh multiple times, almost everyone acting like a child and wanting to cripple or kill people for nothing…
    I know it’s one of the main traits in manhua when the MC isn’t already OP but first time it’s THIS present :/

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    • sir hubris 2 Weeks, 2 Hours ago

      a lot of the characters that are being dealt with now consider themselves geniuses in a world where in spite of what is said might is right if you are strong enough or your connections are then nothing else really matters as long as it does not attract the ire of someone more powerful, also the manga is flying through the chapters. information is slow to spread when its spread is based upon word of mouth the MC was considered trash for a long time so who wants to say they had their ass handed to them by someone who was considered “trash” or x genius got killed by him considering that if they do someone might have a go at them.

      2 1

    • ThisGuy 2 Weeks, 1 Hour ago

      @sir hubris
      I agree with what you said but the problem I have is with the attitude of the witnesses who forgot what happened the next picture or chapter thereby acting normally, forgotting the MC was quite skilled and rather ruthless!
      Or the fact that the previous “arcs” (the tournament and previous events) were in my opinion in a close environment, even if information travels slow all the protagonists and side characters seems to interact often and someone should at least act carefully despite the “trash act”.

      Well after the last chapter my statement must be nuanced ^^

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    the rumor of him being weak seems to stick but nobody seems to care that he is a genius lol

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    “he’s trash, easy fight” “oh no!” one-shot KO
    “he’s trash, easy fight” “oh no!” one-shot KO
    “he’s trash, easy fight” “oh no!” one-shot KO
    “he’s trash, easy fight” “oh no!” one-shot KO
    “he’s trash, easy fight” “oh no!” one-shot KO
    “he’s trash, easy fight” “oh no!” one-shot KO
    “he’s trash, easy fight” “oh no!” one-shot KO
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      if he did know the shortcuts to increasing his power etc., it is highly likely he would’ve used it - cos basically, the new fellow only inhabited the body of the old fellow after the original fellow ‘died’.

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      Could be an entertaining fight series, but even that is pretty questionable when all of the fights end in a couple of blows.

      Combine that with the pretty uninteresting story, and we’re basically looking at a budget Star Martial God Technique.

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      not really the novel makes it clearer but it’s more he believes in the world as it currently only power matters if you have the power rules don’t matter (he is quite sith in that manner though his personal code is more he will give what he is given dis him and you get dissed back no f*cks given, threaten him and he will mark you down for killing as soon as he can do it, show him respect and you get respect), also in the novel he almost kills himself with the bells before his enlightenment on the existence of natural force (what the bells use and what his friend was becoming enlightened upon that was driving his level up before he was attacked in death valley, a thing that higher leveled cultivators can use) and how ringing the bells 8 times was his limit. this knowledge is used in combination with him using heavenly waves, and thunder sword constantly at full power to ring the bells while dodging all of the bells reflections and continuing to attack, and even then he shreds himself up pretty good (the elder has to convince him take one of the pill’s he gives to his friend to heal himself because he is in such a poor condition from all the almost hits and near misses)

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  • Valadair 3 Weeks, 3 Hours ago

    Do people actually enjoy this? More importantly, how can you enjoy this? No story, completely nonsense, all the cliches under the heaven, and nothing happens naturally. It’s like one huge exposition, and we as readers are just suppose to roll with it.

    Heck, the intro about how the MC became so powerful makes no freaking sense, and we were just told that the MC took over the body of the “trash” because he got beaten half to death. Okay…

    This wouldn’t be so jarringly bad if it was at least decently written, but wow, is it bad.
    Cue chapter 1.1: (I’m just going to skip everything that’s completely nonsense and skip to the part where the MC decides to test his abilities) So the MC slashes at a stone pillar with his dark spirit and tells himself that its exactly as he “predicted”, and that his “nine heavy waves” technique has reached “seven thousand pounds of power”.
    ... just wow…

    It’s like some kid who was recently introduced to wuxia watched/read a few things and thought “oh wow this is amazing! i’m going to write my own story!” and then proceeds to butcher everything else while trying to keep in line with the wuxia martial elements and world.

    I am speechless.

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    • GottaSaySomething 2 Weeks, 5 Days ago

      Don’t try to make sense of neither the novel nor the manhwa. The story’s logic is completely out of reality and the author doesn’t bother giving details or justifications because they can’t justify things like “combining fire and ice to give a stronger attack”. That’s realistically IMPOSSIBLE. I’ve been reading mangas, manwhas and manhuas for like 20 years and I’ve never seen any of them saying that ice and fire can be combine to get stronger. But in Peerless Martial God, a Dual Spirit user like Lin Qan can combine fire and ice to make stronger attacks. Later in the manga, while talking about Lin Feng’s lover who uses ice, the author changes things and said that ice weakness is fire.
      The reality is Ice and Fire could NEVER get mixed to produce stronger energy. Either Ice neutralizes Fire or Fire neutralizes Ice.
      Another thing that doesn’t make sense is the general that protects Duaren city’s border has been many times falsely accused and almost executed by someone who doesn’t even represent the King. Do the authors even know what type of person “an ARMY GENERAL” is ?
      A general of an Army receives orders straight from the king (or the emperor or the president). I’ve been getting angrier every time i read the novel and notice that people keep committing crimes, keep accusing each other and give justice themselves as if there is no law at all. That doesn’t make sense in a place ruled by a king. Where is the god damn King?
      Another Nonsense is how Lin Feng almost died for like hundred times before his mother show up to help him: That’s NONSENSE.
      The whole Yun Hai sect got destroyed and the members saved Lin Feng with their lives meanwhile Lin Feng’s father was chilling with his wife without even looking to see if their son is dead or alive:That’s Nonsense!
      If i keep on going, i’ll never finish talking about the nonsense events.
      The only reason i keep on reading the novel is because of the battle scenes which are quite interesting.

      1 3

    • Baki 2 Weeks, 4 Days ago

      @GottaSaySomething you need to understand that it doesn’t happen in our reality at all but in a different one with different law. I mean, you’re not fazed by the fact that they can control fire or water separately which is simply impossible according to our laws and later they will be able to fly which is the same: impossible, so why do you judge this novels laws like it were the same as ours ?
      It’s just that in this novel the laws permit water and fire to be fused that’s all and the author can’t give details into something that is simply impossible in our reality .. whatever he might say would simply make absolutely make no sens to us
      Beside you say that you never saw anything in other novels saying that you can fuse fire and water but check “lord xue ying”, he fuse water and fire to his spear moves and even later add earth to the fusion or “against the god”, the evil god seeds allow him to fuse water and fire or even in desolate era i believe ji ning fused fire and water to create his lotus move

      As for the general; the country is not like you regular country, it’s one where strenght dictate right or wrong and the general in question has never even met the king (which by the way doesn’t give a shit about his country) and does not have anywhere near the level of authority one has in a regular country simply because he is not strong enough: the first time we saw him he is in late ling qi level like 8th level or 9th level but the really high ranking individuals in the country are late xuan qi level

      Anyway, I bid you, sir, a Happy new Year

      2 1

    • GottaSaySomething 2 Weeks, 4 Days ago

      Thanks and Happy New Year to you!
      I’ve never read those novels you mentioned and i’ll read them once i graduate this summer.
      Even if the novel is fiction, the author should explain how things work in the world of the novel and every time there is a contradiction, the author should explain why things are different this time.
      Let me tell you how i see the author’s writing techniques:
      I, the author wants to write a novel where the current action is the most important:
      I the author will say Lin Feng was born in his father’s town and later on i’ll say that his mother never left the place she lives. There is a contradiction of places and i won’t bother explaining…
      I, the author wants Lin Feng’s cousin Lin Qan to combine ice and Fire. Later on I’ll say the opposite which is in contradiction with what i previously said but i’ll let the readers think what they want.
      I, the author said that the king is the one that named the General. Later on, a said the imperial family wants to kill the general at all cost(for no reason). Later on, after the general was rescued, the imperial family won’t care about the general at all:Contradiction that i won’t bother explaining.
      I, the author wants Lin Feng to struggle and almost die alone as if he never had any parent at all. Later on, i introduce his parents as strong and fearless who love Lin Feng and care about him: Contradiction because when Lin Feng was weaker, they didn’t care for him and let him get all those enemies. Why Lin Feng never knew nothing from his mother?I, the author’ll let you readers guess whatever…
      I, the author wants Lin Feng to fornicate with the princess. I found the dumb reason saying that’s the only way to save her life, but guess what?I the author have previously introduced two techniques that can be used to save the princess’ life without her losing her virginity, but i will act as if i never mentioned them. So, you reader can get angry as you want; I have one way of doing things and even if there is another way that i, the author previously said, i will not use it. Oh by the way, don’t even wait for me to explain why i, the author, don’t choose the Plan B; there is no “Because…”.

      1 1

  • Its Gr8 3 Weeks, 6 Hours ago

    More, gimme more of this ! xd

    Reply 10 3

  • Siva 3 Weeks, 13 Hours ago

    Good to watch the series hope to see anime

    Reply 8 4

    • sir hubris 2 Weeks, 6 Days ago

      I would prefer to see otherworldly evil monarch, the otherworld cafe, seoul station necromancer, king of the battlefield, or doll dungeon get a anime (or even a manga).

      1 1

  • GottaSaySomething 3 Weeks, 16 Hours ago

    I hope the manwha is not like the novel “Peerless Martial God”.
    The novel’s story is crap(No interesting plot, just some stupid killers who end up killed for being arrogant and stupid) and the story lack of sense(the authors keep on mentioning that the strong rules over the weak but while reading the novel, you’ll notice that’s not true. The world of the novel is COMPLETE ANARCHY AND NON-SENSE: many strong characters

    are acting so lame in the novel and it hurts to read the authors keep on wasting pages saying the strong rules and is respected) with repetitive scenarios(almost all enemies of Lin Feng are introduced the same way: Either they participated to destroy the Yun Hai sect or for story purposes, they just appear from nowhere, provoked him and the story follows the same path: Arrogance-Insults-Fights-Death. Nothing new at all. From chapter1 to chapter 527, the story didn’t change at all because there was no goal explicit goal in the beginning which means that this kind of story can keep on going forever because the same scenes keep on repeating and it makes the story boring in the end), an arrogant, stubborn and reckless Main Character with shameless scenes(like the one where the Main Character forced his way to fornicate with the virgin princess with the lame excuse that it is the only way to her life.

    Reply 6 5

  • DreadRui 3 Weeks, 16 Hours ago

    Damned.. too early to read.. better wait till it over 100 chap.. this one make me eager to read more.. good job..

    Reply 2 0

  • wormfrizzer

    wormfrizzer 3 Weeks, 19 Hours ago

    I feel that the translator took more effort into this than the author. Sad, it held potential. As it is of today, MC is OP from the start, is self-righteus, contradicts himself and doesnt have much depth or sense. Other characters arent better as they are shallow and predictable. Story is cliche, cheesy and has no build up whatsoever. It seems to me that this is the authors first manhua.. and if treated as such its fine but there is much space for improvement and I wish him just that.

    Reply 3 1

  • HelloWorld 3 Weeks, 1 Day ago

    The actual title should be “Peerless Martial God”

    Reply 4 2

  • topper 3 Weeks, 1 Day ago

    from Peerless Martial God : TERRIBLE

    Reply 4 1

  • xxTopher 3 Weeks, 1 Day ago

    I’m happy this was added, i suggested it and i love this :D fast paced action packed, crazy stuff going on ^_^ can’t wait for more

    Reply 5 2

  • anonymous 3 Weeks, 1 Day ago

    Nice credits at the end of every chapter with a lot of cool information. I don’t know if the translator will see it but great job, thanks for your work :-)

    Reply 3 0

  • Haseo 3 Weeks, 1 Day ago

    Jing hu wen! Good job. Fast paced and action packed. Ill read and share this moving.forward

    Reply 9 2

  • omar 3 Weeks, 1 Day ago

    looks cool

    Reply 8 2

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