Hi Score Girl

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Hi Score Girl
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ハイスコアガール, High Score Girl
Comedy Drama Psychological Romance School Life Seinen Slice of Life
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  • The year is 1991 and 6th grader Yaguchi Haruo only has video games to live for. He's not popular in school and he's neither handsome, funny, nice nor even friendly. The only thing he has going for him is that he is good at video games. One day at the local arcade, he plays Oono Akira, a fellow classmate but who's popular, smart, pretty and a rich girl that absolutely destroys him at Street Fighter II. Not only does he lose to her 30 times in a row, he can’t beat her at any game. Haruo can’t seem to shake Akira off as she follows him from arcade to arcade everyday after school and beats him every time. As weird as it sounds, the odd pair begins a strange bond and friendship.Third runner-up for the 2013 Manga Taisho Awards.
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  • Julian 11 Months, 1 Week ago

    Seems like the series is slowly going to an end, I enjoyed the casual read every now and then

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    • Julian 3 Weeks, 2 Days ago

      Yeah I agree fellow Julian, unless this was me a while ago and I forgot that I commented

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  • Daigo Umehara 1 Year, 11 Months ago

    Love how faithful to the games the illustrations are.

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  • Gandalf

    Gandalf 2 Years, 3 Months ago

    I like it, thanks for update

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  • myName 3 Years, 3 Months ago

    Wow..it’s childish and a bit boring manga, but some finishing panels got me really good.. kudo to writer’s talent. Hope translators wont drop it.. Happy New Year !

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  • Ohohojousama 3 Years, 3 Months ago

    lol he got punched for tick-throwing that’s too real!

    Back in the day some Gs wouldn’t hesitate to pull a knife on you for doing that.

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