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Hoshi No Kodomo-Tachi: Mitsuboshi Tama Tanpenshuu

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Type Japanese

Alternative Titles


The thrill of love and the brightness of adolescence.By a master of facial expressions, Miboshi Tama.8 short stories by Mitsuboshi Tama, who draws characters that come alive on the page.What if you could see "love"...a story about a boy who sparkles when he looks at his beloved, but when he's beside her turns into a shadow.Winner of Haruta Comic Grand Prix "Hoshi no Kage"Furthermore,a fetish manga about a gakuran that can change shape "Gakusei Randa"A story about the intimate daily live of four siblings "Hinata House"A 210 page book comprised of 8 lovely stories!The thrill of love, the joy of adolescence, the appreciation of one's family, and feelings that aren't easily said out loud, are made entertaining thanks to the vividly drawn expressions.8 stories from author Mitsuboshi Tama:- Chapters 1-4. Hinata Ie (ひなた家)- Chapter 5. Star Dreamer (スター・ドリーマー)- Chapter 6. Gakusei Randa (学生ランダ)- Chapter 7. Seishun Feet (青春フィート)- Chapter 8. Mahoutsukai to Deshi (魔法使いと弟子)- Chapter 9. Hoshi no Kage (星の影)- Chapter 10. Namida ni Kakusu (涙に隠す)- Chapter 11. Geranium no Niwa (ゼラニウムの庭)

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