Knight Run

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Knight Run
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Action Adventure Drama Shounen
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  • In the era of space exploration. Mankind is at war against monsters of unknown origin. The battle is grim, and the future looks bleak. Amidst the chaos, mankind plays their last hand; it's time for the Knights to step into the fray and turn the tide of this war.
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  • zenshi

    zenshi 7 Months, 3 Weeks ago

    Holy crap, its back.

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  • brain

    brain 1 Year, 7 Months ago

    I really hope someone picks it up for translations again.

    Or else I’m gonna have to learn Korean myself only for the sake of reading this series.

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    • Pinky 7 Months, 1 Week ago

      Thank you for learning Korean!

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  • Bliss 1 Year, 10 Months ago

    Don’t be fooled, it’s only the end of the prologue, the main story start here.
    Infortunately seems the trad have stoped :/

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  • Bonediggler 2 Years, 8 Months ago

    This series is epic to say the least and well worth the read. Such a well thought out and in depth story. Knowing there are tons of chapters still to be translated makes me so very happy.

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  • alster 3 Years, 2 Weeks ago

    Simple wording:
    - duck head take girl to make ultimate weapon amusing her body and when it requirestarts his in anyway will run away or kill himself
    - hero try to save girl again cause humans treat her kind like garbage ND the Knights should have let them get slaughtered
    - takes the alien technology trying to create a new that he can not control and will beg for aid in the end we all know it
    - if they do save them in the in end, I will no longer read this author work cause that means ithat made zero sense
    - if main hero friend dies then he will no longer care for the human race ppint blank and let them die by their ownew mistake
    =if go on any longer I will make this series turn into complete garbage no one will no longer want to read it and the author next book similar will be hated if you read it. Only realize how stupid he/she is to repeat the story type.

    Reply 5 19

    • Bliss 1 Year, 10 Months ago

      alster it’s seems you are really too young to inderstand the profondity of this artworks ! It’s a seinen story not a stupid shonen like you are used to read !

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    • archyp 1 Year, 10 Months ago

      alster you don’t uderstand a tiny bit of the story and your are barging like this !
      1st thing there"s no “a Hero” like you said but lot of progatonists.

      And anyway even if you must peek one to be the mai caractere it ll be Sion and not Van for the 2nd story of prologue, and Anne for the 1st one.
      But it’s a story about war and how people act during it. It’s not a mere shounen ” MC lvlup, fight anf beat the bad guy”

      You could compare it with “War and Peace” by Tolstoi but in a Space opera theme.
      Really worth reading!
      EPIC like it was said by other before.

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  • Wince

    Wince 3 Years, 3 Weeks ago

    111 and 112 are same ? whats going on

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  • . 3 Years, 3 Months ago

    Season 1 - 76 Chapters (Complete)
    Season 2 - 90 Chapters + 3 Extras (Complete)
    Season 3 - 22 Chapters + 5 Extras (Complete)
    Season 4 - 79 Chapters (Complete)
    Season 5 - 25 Chapters (Ongoing)

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  • Wince

    Wince 3 Years, 5 Months ago

    so basicly its another story in same universe after 76 ?

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    • AnonymousSamurai

      AnonymousSamurai 3 Years, 2 Months ago

      Another storyline, but you’ll see our favorite protagonist, and other characters again. If you really need to know, the first Season is without a doubt the magnum opus of Knight Run, so take the other seasons with some salt.


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  • AnonymousSamurai

    AnonymousSamurai 3 Years, 5 Months ago

    [Ungodly, Uncontrollably, Unstoppably Recommended]
    [A Must Read]
    [A 5 Tear Seal of Approval Ending]

    ...So, here I now find myself at the end of episode one… and I simply cannot find the words to describe this story, or at the very least while doing it the true justice such a word deserves. Before you even read this review, simply do your heart, mind, and soul a favor, and at the very least, read to chapter 75. If you are a true reader, and show the dedication to make it to at least 20, you will sense the power of this series, and for those who invest, and reach 45, you will understand this recommendation. This is a silent gem among all others, and the conclusion of Episode 1, quite simply, is ~Perfect~

    If I may begin with the review section, i’ll begin with the artwork. The work’s artstyle is not one for those who are more prone for those who love the texture-style details. This Artist and Writer has another talent rather than dazzling art that jumps out from the page, this Artist, no, master, paints us a show. In a time of war and conflict, this Masterful Artist’s capacity for drawing movement and invoking emotion is unmistakable. The talent to make a reader ‘Feel’ the impact of every stroke of the blade, every explosion, and the intensity of every single weapon shown off is simply to die for. Now going back to the earlier point, the artist’s actual attention to texture lacks slightly, there are times where some background and other details have a ‘Sketch-esque’ style to it and is thusly a bit rough. Luckily for us all, the characters, especially their expressions and movements are, once again, to die for. While the art can be demoted to ‘Simple’ to some, the way this Creator uses His/Her craft is of a Master’s level without a doubt. If you wish for a small tidbit, click on Chapter 45 and look at the thumbnail from the translator, that should give you a little taste of what is to come.

    To move from art to story, as no matter how masterful art goes, you still need a great story. Well, that’s a good thing that a story has certainly been delivered, and done so with a vengeance. The story picks up quickly in a War Torn universe where humanity battles with ‘Monsters’ that are called many things. While there are some stories that try to use this semi-trope, few succeed. But to find a work capable of comparing this work to in the span of a Reader’s attention… span… well, think the American game Halo, then throw much more intense battle scenes, a continually maintained sense of doom coupled with the existence of hope that plays out through the entire story, only to grow more and more intense until the…. EMOTIONAL T^T ending… sorry lost the professionalism putting an emote there, but when you finish, you’ll forgive me. Probably will earn a downvote or two for that comparison to an American game, but i’ll just keep moving on along.

    The characters in this story are numerous, but all of the ones you come across have this sense of actual weight. They aren’t just there, but actually serve as emotional connection lines into the story as they serve some point or another. When one is lost due to some heroic action, or crestfallen incident, the reader can actually feel a true and honest sense of loss. They can feel the emotions that are being felt by those left behind, and in more than one occasion is the author able to infuse this into the work. Without even turning to the doom and utter despair that has become a rather common trope these days, here we continue to feel a sense of hope just as much as we feel the sense of doom. The further we get, the more we feel the weight of the story coming down as fewer and fewer options are left as the characters that have come in throughout the story continue to pull out their own cards against the the doom, just as the doom pulls out it’s own series that continues to captivate and thrill. The author is able to generate these characters without actually postponing the story in such a way that one can call it a ‘Filler’, but rather it honestly feels like a part of the story. Flashbacks are segmented into a chapter rather than becoming entire chapters themselves, slowly revealing the wider aspects of the story just enough in their host chapters to provide the necessary depth to continue.

    While I can go on, it is my belief that i’m reaching the end of most human attention spans in reading a comment review, thus i’ll just hit a single remaining topic and conclude. The ending.

    In many great works that have been created over the years, any true experienced reader of manga, manhua, manhwa, or any combination of the lot with even those who only read novels, light or otherwise, being included will know at least one series that built up so well right up until… they dropped the ending harder than a nuclear bomb. But those who read through to the end of Episode 1 in chapter 75 will find their sought after relief… a Perfect (-and being a person who hates the use of certainties above all else I will stick to my choice to use this very word)- Ending. So much emotion, depth, and power reaches out in the story’s conclusion in a satisfying way, but it hits the reader with so much feeling, understanding, and powerful ‘Feels’ that I’ve felt the need to give Episode One my highest ranking in the “Tear Rankings” with a 5-Tear rating, meaning no matter how hard you will try, this story’s end will manage to invoke tears and an intense sense of joy into 99% of those who read all the way to the end. That is how heavily I rate this ending.

    This story is an ongoing with total of [292 Chapters] with Episodes 1-4 being complete and Episode 5 ongoing in the home country of Korea. I only finally began this series, and finally got to the end of Episode 1 thanks to some group’s decision to challenge the other Episodes, and I personally am grateful for it.

    Right, rating time…
    No, there are no final words, without a doubt in my mind, this series gets a [10/10] for Episode 1!

    I wait voraciously to see what happens if this series made it to chapter 292 and beyond!  [Made February 2, 2016]


    Reply 16 2

    • AnonymousSamurai

      AnonymousSamurai 3 Years, 5 Months ago

      Hmm, a 1:1 ratio, well it’s better than I was expecting in all honesty. Generally about half the reader community is all about the pretty-type art and will react harshly to a [10] review on something that doesn’t suit their art requirements. I’ll take that 1:1 rating, that’s about how most [10] reviews go for this series anyway.


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