Martial Art Successor

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Martial Art Successor
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Murim Successor Pugilist Successor 武林传人
Martial Arts Shounen
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  • Everyone has dream of being a martial hero when they were small, flying through the skies, travelling thousand li, travel through the continent using a flying sword , breaching defense by sky walk , channeling inner qi, a body immune to thousand poison, Is that a mirth of the legend, or there is actually such things happening? This story brings you to the martial world of today.

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  • Shenanigans 1 Week, 6 Days ago

    I feel scammed with the current story.

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  • hello 1 Week, 6 Days ago

    where is chapter 32?

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  • thisIsWhyIcringe 2 Months, 1 Week ago

    As I get even a tiny bit older relatively from my teen days, it physically hurts to see all the cringe-ass level of thoughts coming from whatever circle-jerk is ruining my good time at whatever moment, and this time it’s a bunch of tween edgelords who need yet another “my destiny is great like I always knew it was” martial arts wank fest. This story has plot; events have purpose to drive the narrative. It is not arbitrary daily happenings with no consequence otherwise known as slice of life, but because it’s actually realistic and has build-up, it’s not enough for all the ‘iron ladies’ fans who need to saturate their lack of eventful days with more delusion candy. So yes, if you want more outlets to validate how the world isn’t fair and doesn’t understand that you deserve to be the anime version of harry potter and james bond put together, then this isn’t the story for you.

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    • Mike 2 Months, 1 Week ago

      bro, its not that deep, its a comic.. and you dont have to put other people down who may not like it to try to lift up your view of this series. It’s all opinion and everyone has their own tastes.

      5 4

    • thisIsWhyIcringe 2 Months, 6 Days ago

      No one said it was deep, no one even said it was even good. It’s so-so, and pretty early to make any objective judgement on it besides it having a slow build up and having some standard overdone tropes. The thing that is wrong, and not subjective to opinion is people calling it slice of life or judging it based on expectations of needing another sub-tween level epic ‘martial arts’ fantasy escapism. Sorry you don’t understand that and pretend that I’m projecting about liking the story as the only excuse to make my comment, but the only one projecting is you, assuming I’m using your thoughtless level of logic to represent an argument just for you to strawman your pretend objectivism aka pseudo-moral grandstanding.

      4 7

    • CueBall

      CueBall 2 Months, 1 Day ago

      @thisiswhyicringe.. what the heck are you even talking about.. if people feel it has some slice of life genre to it, that is their opinion.. If you disagree that is your opinion. But you clearly are reading way to deep into this comic which is why the comment above said it isnt that deep lol.. Trying to argue how someone views this series is utterly pointless. I agree with some people that there is a slice of life element to it, but you may very well have slightly differing opinions on what slice of life is. Then you’ll end up arguing what slice of life genre is with people lol. Just let it go and read your comic and let people have their own views.

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    • dwe 2 Months, 1 Day ago

      when he gets a tiny bit older maybe he will stop talking like he is 12 with those kinds of lowly words

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    • thisIsWhyIcringe 2 Months, 14 Hours ago

      @cueball: What you and the rest seem to not be able to wrap your head around is the fact that there is a very clear distinction between objective and subjective reasoning. Having an opinion is subjective yes, and therefore does not make factual conclusions on things. This is not to be misunderstood from the FACT that genres have definitions or guidelines, just like any other categorizing label. Slice of life is the depiction of mundane experiences in art and entertainment.[1] In theater it refers to naturalism, while in literary parlance it is a narrative technique in which a seemingly arbitrary sequence of events in a character’s life is presented, often lacking plot development, conflict and exposition, and often having an open ending. Refer to my first statement. It is factually and objectively NOT slice of life. If you want to say that it’s casual, you can say that as an opinion. If you wanted to say it’s slow, or draw out, or even just plain not good, that’s your right to your opinion. It’s not Slice of Life, just like it’s not Horror, just like it’s not Sci-FI, just like it’s not Sports. You don’t have to agree, but that does not strawman my statement into an opionion, nor does your opinion amount to more than willful ignorance. So if you don’t like it, be honest and say why with objective observations or just say you were expecting another Chuunibyou pandering story. That’s it. That’s also the complete opposite of anything deep. I’m telling you very simply right out: you’re wrong and be objective about it. Pretending that you had subverted expectations, because you think it should have a ‘slice of life’ title is not only lazy, but it’s just asinine. The only ones trying to be ‘deep’ about anything are the ones reaching with such faulty logic just for an excuse. People are entitled to opinions, that doesn’t change anything about being right or wrong; is that not obvious? Idk how that could ever be misunderstood as deep.

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    • de 2 Months, 9 Hours ago

      there is a very big distinction between worth writing an essay vs not.  worth reading an essay vs not.  why even.

      0 3

    • thisIsWhyIcringe 1 Month, 3 Weeks ago

      @de or dwe or whatever: Imagine questioning the capability of your intelligence and your response is calling a paragraph an essay. This guy proves my point better than I do, with that low standard of mentality.

      2 1

  • nanner 3 Months, 3 Days ago

    very slice of life and kind of boring, especially for something with a martial arts tag

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  • Ed 5 Months, 2 Weeks ago

    You will either love it or hate it, I hate this because the story is so lame and we can’t be friends I think if you love this cause wtf is good about this when there are tons of better series than this, go venture more rather than settle for this one, open your eyes of things that is far more interesting

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  • Jack 6 Months, 3 Days ago

    More a slice of life than martial arts story at the moment. Not really my thing tbh.

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  • Ghosting 6 Months, 1 Week ago

    wow.. that movie.. kungfu cult master

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