My Farm by the Palace

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Type Japanese

Alternative Titles

황제궁 옆 마로니에 농장 • Ферма Мароньє біля імператорського палацу • My Farm by the Palace • Marronnier Farm Near By The Imperial Palace • 宮殿の隣のマロニエ農場 • Marron


When Hazel Mayfield is sent to live with the Martins as a child, she falls in love with rural life and vows to have a farm of her own one day. Eleven years later, she receives an unexpected windfall as her grandfather hands her the deed to a plot of land in the middle of the capital. Ecstatic, Hazel sets out to realize her longtime dream of becoming a farmer. There’s only one problem: Her new farm is right next to the imperial palace! And it seems the emperor himself has his eye on her land…

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