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temppal 템빨
Action Adventure Martial Arts Sci-fi
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  • As Shin Youngwoo has had an unfortunate life and is now stuck carrying bricks on construction sites. He even had to do labor in the VR game, Satisfy!

    However, luck would soon enter his hopeless life. His character, ‘Grid’, would discover the Northern End Cave for a quest, and in that place, he would find ‘Pagma’s Rare Book’ and become a legendary class player…

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  • MrNulla

    MrNulla 1 Week, 5 Days ago

    This is completely like moonlight sculpturer

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  • DrunkenD 2 Months, 2 Weeks ago

    This is a really awesome and interesting manga looking forward to more in the future 10/10

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  • Vince 2 Months, 2 Weeks ago

    When is the next update please :(

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  • ;-; 3 Months, 2 Weeks ago

    can someone plz translate this :)

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  • <3 4 Months, 3 Days ago

    this manga is epic

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  • partykenjie1

    partykenjie1 4 Months, 3 Weeks ago

    This is Booooooooooring

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  • seva 6 Months, 2 Weeks ago

    wow the first 5 chapters i read is so damn stupid.

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  • yosho 9 Months, 3 Days ago

    the ones working on it got into a accident so it will be a while till it continues is what i read on another site

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  • Gurjinder68

    Gurjinder68 9 Months, 2 Weeks ago

    Why there is no update today

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  • Weeding 9 Months, 3 Weeks ago

    what chapter is this in the light novel? can you bump me a link? much appreciated thank you

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    • abqpesca 9 Months, 3 Weeks ago

      Don’t know which chapter your talking about but here link for novel.


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  • Julianos 9 Months, 3 Weeks ago

    did they replace the old khan by a loli and the loli princess irene he saved in the novel by a fat princess, how the hell do they plan to continue this story

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    • WaleedThug

      WaleedThug 9 Months, 3 Weeks ago

      they didn’t replace Khan, they replaced Smith. Khan is in Winston, not Bairan.
      as for Irene, I hope that they just had a bad day while drawing her LOL!!!

      4 0

    • Slick Rick 9 Months, 3 Weeks ago

      They already drew Irene?  What chapter was it?

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    • Bliss 9 Months, 3 Weeks ago

      Smith is the gay blacksmith, they obviously changed for a loli because of it.
      as for irene she ill juste become smile later and it’s be a joke in the story

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  • Kralo 9 Months, 4 Weeks ago

    Concept is really nice and interesting. It’s a shame that all these kinds of manga’s have to have a brain dead main character. I love these kinds of story’s but i don’t know why almost all of them have to have a main character that is pretty much brain dead and can’t think even a little logically. Shouting lie’s to other players about how great he is that he can help easely without any gear without thinking even a little about it and except for trying to make up that mistake just going to go further with his stupid thinking is a no go for me. How great the story may be, they really have to fix this mc’s brain a little.

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    • brbr 9 Months, 4 Weeks ago

      Bro, they do fix de mc thinking, and u should read the novel it`s really nice!
      Besides that, the mc evolution is one of the main points in this history

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    • Meth 9 Months, 3 Weeks ago

      Yep, read the novel, the mc has a real progression, he’s still dumb but wiser with time

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    • Bliss 9 Months, 3 Weeks ago

      Thaat’s all the story Kraio.
      Grid will learn and develop in evry way. That"s story center

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  • Kyealo 10 Months, 1 Day ago

    The loli blacksmith was actually a guy on the Novel.

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    • TurtyDaTurtle 10 Months, 15 Hours ago

      yea i dont like how they turned the old blacksmith dude into a freaking loli wtf

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    • meh 10 Months, 6 Hours ago

      it’s not manga without gender bending a character or 3..

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    • fsrinaldy

      fsrinaldy 9 Months, 4 Weeks ago

      ikr, it’s just gonna ruin the story if this manga got long enough to that part of the story tho

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  • Dylan S 10 Months, 4 Days ago

    One of my very favorite manga!! So much fun to read combined with beautiful art. One thing to note—the Scanlators for this are NOT ReadManga, but another group called WoweScans; support WoweScans at its website wowescans.net!! They naturally have faster updates :) little plus is the website there is beautiful and they also do the series: Red Storm, Tower into the Clouds, and Don’s Adventures in Another World! Check them out and have a great day :D

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  • Prince Of H-NT-I 10 Months, 4 Days ago

    the third manga that really satisfy me from LMS and TODAG ^_^ i really like this please continue to update this more more more more ^_______________________^

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  • Starlord 10 Months, 6 Days ago

    really good read, hope to see more of this

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  • young glow 10 Months, 6 Days ago

    Whooa god grid is here!!!

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  • abqpesca 10 Months, 6 Days ago

    If you read the webnovel, it gets better than LMS but you have to get over the first 100 chapters. The first 100 chapters is like LMS but with a MC with a censoredty personality.

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  • kenzi

    kenzi 10 Months, 1 Week ago

    It’s enjoyable to read, very funny

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  • Reivan 10 Months, 1 Week ago

    Well it sure reminds me of that legendary moonlight sculptor. Just wandering right now why there hasnt been any updates of that series. Hope this one continue to be updated…

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    • fsrinaldy

      fsrinaldy 10 Months, 1 Week ago

      well for legendary moonlight sculptor there’s a lot of speculations, like the season 3 would release at july or it will release 9 months after the korean release date, but i think why its taking a long time is because it keep changing the artist for the manhwa, even the season 1 to season 2 take 7 months. But 1 thing for sure that is i dont know when the release date for season 3 korean version is.

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  • KingKupal

    KingKupal 10 Months, 1 Week ago

    YEA!!! Finally! Grid is here!

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