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"About your curse, I’ll try to solve it. But in return, please accept me as your blood relative." From the information in the original, she knew the reason why her mother died. Robelia suddenly remembered her current situation, deprived of everything and pushed to the end. So she decided to take revenge. She successfully escapes her uncle's control and quickly plans to take back what belongs to her. She reached out to Duke Ferrado, who was known to be fraught with danger, and made her proposal. "I know a better way. I was thinking about creating a contract marriage, what do you think?" He suddenly came up with a rather unexpected proposal. Robelia has shaken her uncle’s capital thanks to his support. In front of her, the original heroine and the enemy's daughter appeared as love rivals to her. "Well, sis, why did you change so quickly?" Can Robelia get her revenge perfectly? "When everything comes to an end, I want to be by your side" And can she have a happy ending with the man she woos?

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