Sekai Oni

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Status Ongoing
Type Japanese

Alternative Titles

世界鬼alt, Sekaionialt, World of Demon


Currently the most popular manga on Urasunday Magazine, Sekai Oni follows the story of a little girl called Shinonome Azma. Azma is abused by her family, and that made her quite unstable, to the point were she has been driven to the limit, and now she has the rare syndrome of Alice through the looking glass, that makes her see things that shouldn't be there reflected on mirrors, water, glass, etc.Everything starts when the things she sees start affecting directly the world everyone else sees, and the barrier between reality and illusion breaks apart, like a mirror falling on the floor.Welcome to the world at the other side of the mirror. Welcome to wonderland.

Author Okabe Eru
Artist N/A
Views 436,896
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