Sekai wa Bokura no Tameni!

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Status Ongoing
Type Japanese

Alternative Titles

世界はボクらのために!, 世界只为我们存在, 世界只為我們存在, Sekai wa Bokura no Tame ni!, The World is Just for Us!, The World is Ours


Starting this spring, citizens will be able to become a teacher at the expensive high school! This is what Maho is getting excited about, but her boyfriend for six years dumped her. Afterwards, she slept with a young boy to get over her sadness. However, who would have expected that she would be reunited with him in the classroom. That's right, he was her student!! A secret relationship with a younger handsome boy is packed full of scary, yet, exciting, nerve-racking, yet, heart-thumping action?! What will happen when the man who dumped her comes back?

Author Enjouji Maki
Artist N/A
Views 18,024
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