Strike Witches - The Witches Of Andorra

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An anthology of short stories by Nogami Takeshi in the Strike Witches universe, some new as well as a retelling of older chapters. The volume includes:-"The Witch of Andorra", the story of Iris Monfort and her friend Maria, told by Keiko.-"The Witch of Stuka", the story of Friederike Porsche and Michael Schmitt, told by Marseille.-"The Witches of Eiger", a story about explorers on Mount Eiger rescued by Britannian witches, told by Miles.-"Sengoku Witch", the story of Mori Ranmaru and Nobunaga, told by Mami.-"Shopping at the market", a retelling of 'The Witches of the Sphinx Vol.2' events showing different parts of the combat with new illustrations.(*paraphrased from World Witches Series wiki)

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