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The Film Lives On

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Type Japanese

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Miyamoto Musashi is a boy who has come all the way to the city to check out the studio of Matsuma Dan, a longtime director of manga movies (anime films). After having his work evaluated by him, Dan tells Musashi that his work is dead and lifeless: films live on and about. Not long after, Musashi comes across Sasaki Kojiro, a boy from a wealthy family who also aims to do manga movies. No matter how many times the two team up and split off, and no matter how many times they drift off their paths and return to them, their future lies with manga movies.A retelling of the rivalry between Miyamoto Musashi and Sasaki Kojiro, but in 1950's Japan, as they venture into the worlds of anime production and manga magazines.---**Volume 55 of the Osamu Tezuka Complete Works**

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