The Villainess Lives Twice

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Status Ongoing
Type Korean

Alternative Titles


A scheming genius, making an emperor! "Your brother has to do well, for you to also do well." By committing all sorts of evil acts, she made her brother the emperor. But in return for her devotion, Artizea got betrayed. And the one that reaches out his hand to save her from the verge of death is her righteous enemy, grand duke Cedrick. "Come up with a plan." "….." "I can’t think of anyone else that can flip this situation around except you. Marchioness Rosan." "…." "I need your strength." There’s no plan able to turns the tide of the already tilted power and able to save the fallen Empire. But there’s a way. Turning back the time before everything went wrong. With blood and tears, she dedicated herself to ancient sorcery to turn back time. "This time, I won’t fail." Returning back to her 18 years old self, Artizea decides to become a villainess for the sake of Grand duke Cedrick. "Please propose to me. I’ll make you the Emperor." In return for kneeling to the devil, You’re getting a devil that will dirty its hand instead of you.

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