The Witches of Eden

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Type Japanese

Alternative Titles

魔女のエデン ; Majo no Eden ; L'Éden des sorcières


All the world's creatures lived in harmony until humanity rose to power. The flora and fauna feared for their lives and hid from the humans, leaving behind a barren world with only rocks and dirt. There are a few exceptions... Witches, exceptional women with the gift to heed plants' words, live in secret lairs full of vibrant greenery.Tula, a powerful witch nearing the end of her life, raised her apprentice Piri in one of these sanctuaries. Piri has a lot to learn. In fact, she can't even hear the plants' voices! Naturally, she has no desire to leave her secret haven—or Tula—but situations outside of her control force her away. Where will Piri go now? Will a gift from Tula help her find her way?

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