Yankee wa Isekai de Seirei ni Aisaremasu.

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Status Ongoing
Type Japanese

Alternative Titles

Hoodlums Loved By The Spirits Yankee is loved by spirits in a different world ヤンキーは異世界で精霊に愛されます。 양아치는 이세계에서 정령에게 사랑받고 있습니다


While trying to save a child who was going to be run over by a truck, Manai Zero loses his life. When he wakes up even though he should have lost his life, Manai is given the choice of being reincarnated, but in a different world, with a power called "Beloved by Spirits".

A world of magic and sprites, monsters and adventures!

Author Kuroi HeiHo
Artist N/A
Views 99,638
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