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ジパング, 次元舰队
Action Adventure Drama Historical Seinen Tragedy
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  • In the year 200X, a Japanese fleet consisting of 3 vessels leave on a mission to South America. After encountering a storm, the ship JDS Mirai find itself without its escorts and in the year 1942, traveling towards the island of Midway to face the American fleet in one of largest battles in naval history. The crew of the Mirai must decide whether or not to change the course of history by involving itself in WWII.
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  • Torres 1 Year, 2 Months ago

    Got a god damn headache reading the argument between those idiots below. Both the Japanese (not so much post-WW2) and the Americans have caused innumerable suffering to people - in America’s cause literally just about every continent.

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  • xMastaCoon

    xMastaCoon 2 Years, 1 Month ago

    This series is amazing

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    • xMastaCoon

      xMastaCoon 2 Years, 3 Weeks ago

      This series IS amazing. I’ve been binge reading at work on my spare time. I’m so invested in the characters I cant help but feel like apart of the crew. 10/10, I definitely recommend.

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  • snipe 3 Years, 3 Months ago

    finally. i can continue read zipang. after a year without zipang

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  • Lol 3 Years, 3 Months ago

    So some japanese dude made this for revenge? Is he mad that we dropped 2 nukes on em? What all the war crimes and atrocities japan committed during… the past 400 years? What a filthy hypocrite.

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    • lolwtf 3 Years, 3 Months ago

      Lol!! you are the biggest hypocrite. 2 nuke is nothing!!! that is one of the biggest genocide. you have a brain of sponge.

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    • AnonymousSamurai

      AnonymousSamurai 3 Years, 3 Months ago

      Let’s put another twist on things first for the throwing of Hypocrisy like the word without connotation. I’ll first recognize that my nation of birth is within the historical WWI & WWII Allies for those curious about my place of origin while discussing this.

      First on the concept of the two nuclear bombs. Let’s say that roughly 200,000 perished due to the bombings in the long term with only ~95,000 were the intended. No one had actually dropped a nuclear bomb before, thus the additional 100,000 casualties were not of direct intent. When considering the civilian casualties of an invasion of Japan proper, it very likely could have exceeded the larger casualty account with the smaller intended account being very likely smaller. Now, since this is still the largest number of Japanese civilian casualties likely in history, and even remaining a moderate modern issue, there are certainly those angered by it.

      For civilian comparisons, for-excluding the German actions within history, there have been plenty, over a dozen, incidents wherein the idea of 200,000 deaths becomes small in comparison.

      Communist China under Mao Tse-tsung (Zedung), Depending on your source, anywhere between 15 Million to 126 Million civilians murdered.

      Great Britain, has a thing about starving people, Irish famines wherein a majority of Irish food was still exported, historical relief aid was sent by the Ottomans that doubled what the, then, King sent, and the British King demanded that the Ottomans recall half of it via threat. Roughly 1 Million to 3 Million Irish starved to death within the course of 300 years.

      Further GB starving people with Persia (Iran), during WWI, Great Britain occupied Iran when the Ottomans invaded, conscripting locals and taking large quantities of food. Locusts, disease, and various other events occurred, yet the British continued their policy. A moderate famine turned into a national crisis with Millions starving, the British decision, to blockade Persia from importing food from international sources (USA) and prevented the Persians from importing food from India (Next door). Depending on your source, between 9.5 Million and 12.5 Million died (45-55% of the national population). While indirect, the British responsibility for roughly 85% of these deaths cannot be excused.

      There are quite a few other incidents with Millions of deaths, thus making a mere 200,000, by comparison, nothing. The only reason these deaths are looked upon as anything more than a calculated risk and casualty mitigation strategy is largely in part due to it being the only historical occurrence wherein a nuclear weapon had been used to directly take human life.

      Hopefully this little thing clarifies some of these accusations ^^


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    • Mike 2 Years, 8 Months ago

      @lolwtf… I really have no clue what your comment even means… I am guessing you misread or misunderstood the original comment?? Who knows..

      @AnonSamurai… What point are you trying to make in reference to the OP? Are you trying to make excuses, belittle and deflect from Japan’s past atrocities? The OP never once said that other nations in history do not have their faults or have not committed atrocities as well. All countries and races have committed terrible crimes on this planet to the earth and to Humanity. So I do not get what the point of your novel to the OP is. All he said is it seems the Author has a grudge against the US, which is plainly obvious to the unbiased reader.

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    • xShARkx 2 Years, 8 Months ago


      As always an American is pissed without a reason because a fictional history makes their country “look bad”! This is a Japanese manga made for Japanese people.

      Stop with the bullshit dude, your country’s media(comics, series, movies and etc) also do the same and it’s even worse! Every fucking media made in the US that deals with other nations within it’s content always use the same formula, in other words, The US is hero of the world while all others nations or most of them are the enemy.

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  • kampr33t

    kampr33t 3 Years, 4 Months ago

    Finally i found this.. After long time finally

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